Batik Day

To foster pride for being an Indonesian, the National Batik Day was celebrated in October 5th. All teachers, staff & students were encouraged to wear their Batik clothing on that day as to celebrate.

There are activities such as:  fashion show competitions, batik painting, traditional modern dance and with closing of band performed by Junior High school students. Commemorating the event is the school’s simple act of inculcating in the students the love for one’s country, one’s Language – Bahasa Indonesia, one’s own roots, culture & traditions.

First,  the actity of painting batik in art paper, students of junior painted with some of ackrilic and afterward continue on with the outdoor activity with modern traditional dance.

Next up is Batik Fashion Show. Students prepared to have fashion show and there were 14 contestants to show of their souvenirs and batik using go green recycle stuff. Along with the winner of 1, 2 and 3. There was band performing with medley tradisional songs they rearranged. The show was great and literally students were enjoyed it.

From this event, wearing Batik on the National Batik Day annually, we promote a love for Indonesia and increase pride as a citizen of this country. We proudly maintain this through our culture.

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