Independence Day Competition

On this momentous occasion of Independence Day, Amore Prime School embraced the theme “Terus Melaju untuk Indonesia Maju” with unwavering enthusiasm and dedication. This theme resonated deeply with our students, teachers and staff as we joined hands to celebrate the spirit of unity, resilience, and growth that defines our beloved nation.

Every sweat on the ground, every cheer on the field, and every quest for knowledge represents our collective determination to push forward. With unity as our foundation, progress as our goal, and Indonesia’s bright future as our inspiration, we will continue to strive, innovate, and work together to make “Indonesia Maju” a reality.

Let us carry this spirit of progress beyond this day, infusing it into our daily lives and actions. May our efforts, no matter how small, contribute to the tapestry of Indonesia’s advancement.

Happy Independence Day!

Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival or Lunar New Year, is a time for families to gather, enjoy delicious food, and celebrate the start of a new lunar cycle.

Amore Prime School also joining in the festivities with a variety of events, including a lion dance performance, lantern making competition, class performances, educational stands and more.

The lion dance is a traditional performance that is believed to bring good luck and prosperity. The colorful and energetic dance is performed by two people, with one person controlling the head of the lion and the other controlling the tail. The lion weaves through the crowd, collecting 红包 (hóngbāo) from students.

In addition to the lion dance, there’s also lantern making competition, which symbolizes hope and joy. There were also performances from each classes showcasing their talent on singing and dancing. In addition to that, students also prepared educational stands about Chinese culture and language.

This Chinese New Year celebration event offer a fun and educational opportunity for our students to learn about and experience Chinese culture.

National Teachers Day

Happy Teachers’ Day!

Teachers play one of the most important roles in our lives. They teach us not just in formal education, but they also teach us about compassion and perseverance through their lessons. Sometimes they would be mad at us, but that is when they showed that they cared for us. We might say that teachers are like our second parents in school.

Teachers day is celebrated as a form of respect and appreciation for dear teachers in all over Indonesia. On that day, Amorians celebrated the National Teacher’s Day after the ceremony. We gave cakes, words, and gifts to show our love. However, the love that we gave is just a little compared to theirs. So how do you want to truly show your love to them? The best appreciations we can give is by taking their lessons seriously!

Check our videos below for the coverage of the day!

Batik Day

To foster pride for being an Indonesian, the National Batik Day was celebrated in October 5th. All teachers, staff & students were encouraged to wear their Batik clothing on that day as to celebrate.

There are activities such as:  fashion show competitions, batik painting, traditional modern dance and with closing of band performed by Junior High school students. Commemorating the event is the school’s simple act of inculcating in the students the love for one’s country, one’s Language – Bahasa Indonesia, one’s own roots, culture & traditions.

First,  the actity of painting batik in art paper, students of junior painted with some of ackrilic and afterward continue on with the outdoor activity with modern traditional dance.

Next up is Batik Fashion Show. Students prepared to have fashion show and there were 14 contestants to show of their souvenirs and batik using go green recycle stuff. Along with the winner of 1, 2 and 3. There was band performing with medley tradisional songs they rearranged. The show was great and literally students were enjoyed it.

From this event, wearing Batik on the National Batik Day annually, we promote a love for Indonesia and increase pride as a citizen of this country. We proudly maintain this through our culture.

MPLS 2022/2023

Warmest welcome to our new Junior High Students!

During our annual MPLS, not only our student’s get to meet and know each other after a long year of online learning at home because of pandemic.

Students learn about school’s regulation, extracurricular, they meet their teachers and also Amore Prime School provided them with seminar about the advantage and disadvantage of technology which is important in this current era.

Academic Year of 2022/2023 is now officially begin! Best wishes for all our students and may you have a wonderful year!

Waisak Celebration 2022

Sekolah Amore Prime School pada tanggal 21 Mei 2022 merayakan hari besar keagamaan Buddha yang dikenal dengan Hari Raya Waisak. Hari Raya Waisak merupakan hari suci Agama Buddha yang dijadikan sebagai hari libur satu satunya dalam kalender di Indonesia maupun dunia. Bagi umat Buddha Hari Waisak itu untuk memperingati tiga peristiwa penting dalam sejarah kehidupan Buddha Gotama, yaitu:
Lahirnya Bodhisatta Sidharta di Taman Lumbini pada tahun 623 SM.
Pertapa Gotama mencapai penerangan sempurna di Buddha Gaya pada tahun 588 SM.
Buddha Gotama mencapai Maha Parinibbana di Kusinara pada tahun 543 SM.

Dengan adanya tiga peristiwa penting dalam dalam sejarah yang terjadi pada waktu yang sama yaitu saat Purnama di bulan Waisak, Sekolah Amore Prime School mengadakan kembali kegiatan Perayaan Peringatan Hari Raya Trisuci Waisak yang diikuti siswa TK, SD, SMP & SMA Amore Prime School. Dengan adanya Peringatan Hari Raya Tri suci Waisak dapat dapat membawa kebaikan bagi sekolah terkait meningkatnya satu rasa toleransi antar umat beragama.

Perayaan terlaksana dengan baik dan lancar, dengan di pandu oleh MC Jason Sebastian dari SMA kelas 11 dan Jesley dari SMP kelas 9. Di tengah acara berlangsung, siswa dan guru juga mendengarkan pesan Waisak yang di bawakan oleh seorang Bhikkhu Cattaseno dengan mengusung tema “Moderasi Beragama Membangun Kedamaian”

Moderasi agama bertujuan untuk menemukan persamaan dalam perbedaan dan bukan mempertajam perbedaan dengan menunjukkan sikap eksklusif. Moderasi beragama ini, diharapkan dapat menjunjung nilai kemanusiaan dengan menghadirkan keseimbangan dalam pemahaman agama di tengah masyarakat.

Kegiatan Perayaan Waisak tersebut menjadi panduan utama dalam mengembangkan peserta didik dalam lembaga untuk memadukan antara ilmu yang di pelajari dengan kejadian yang ada. Dari kegiatan tersebut untuk meningkatkan ketakwaan, wawasan, pola pikir peserta didik serta toleransi. Oleh karena itu, kegiatan akademik dan non akademik menjadi “dua sayap yang selalu berjalan bersama”.

CNY 2022 Celebration & Competition

On february 12, JHS and SHS celebrated Chinese New Year together. Amore Prime School always celebrate this event every year, to teach children the importance of respecting the culture of every tribe in Indonesia and respecting the differences that exist in our country.

This year students join various of competition such as Speech competition, karaoke, Kahoot game and poster design competition, the theme of poster design competition is the year of Tiger and students have to write some chinese new year wishes on their poster.The purpose of this event is we want to encourage student to know more about Chinese Culture 中国文化 and be more confident using mandarin. There also performance from one of the SHS band. So students can be having fun and learning at the same time.

Speech Competition Winner
Karaoke Competition Winner
Kahoot Competition Winner

Shodou Workshop

This year, Amore Prime School JHS held a workshop related to Japanese culture, namely shodou. Shodou is a Japanese culture related to the art of Japanese calligraphy. By holding this event, the school hopes that students will get to know more about one of Japanese culture and be more enthusiastic about learning Japanese.

Although this event had to be held online due to the increasing level of covid19’s positivity in the Jabodetabek area, students welcomed this event even though it was only conducted online. Students have their own brush and ink to write their names in Japanese using Brush and ink.

At first, students may find it difficult to get used the brushes, but after practicing for a while, students can made their best work according to what is taught by the speaker who is the chairman of the Shodou Club of Darma Persada University.

In the next event, we hope that this event can be held offline and students can enjoy the Japanese atmosphere more.

Amore’s Social Service

On the 21st of January, representations of student council from junior high school and senior high school have a social event where we give donations to the children at Bhakti Luhur Alma orphanage in Cilandak, South Jakarta. We start by gathering the donation from teachers, students, foundation, and other donors. Some of the donations are used to buy groceries, for example rice, cooking oil, milk and many more. We gather first at school then we went to the orphanage together with some of the teachers and also the foundation. As we arrive at the orphanage, we are welcomed by the nun there and then we help drop off the groceries, then we continue going inside and meeting some new friends.

We had a lot of fun there, we sang together, dance together. We made new friends there and we learn a lot of things there. A lot of our friends there have disabilities so we learn a lot from them and also from the nun there. We learn a lot about how we need to be more grateful for what we have especially our health, physically and mentally. We want to remind us all to keep doing good things to not only people who really need help but to everyone. We want to thank those who participate in this event especially who donated some of their blessing to our friends at Bhakti Luhur Alma orphanage. In conclusion, It was a very fun and valuable experience.

By Reynard, GXI – Science

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