Shodou Workshop

This year, Amore Prime School JHS held a workshop related to Japanese culture, namely shodou. Shodou is a Japanese culture related to the art of Japanese calligraphy. By holding this event, the school hopes that students will get to know more about one of Japanese culture and be more enthusiastic about learning Japanese.

Although this event had to be held online due to the increasing level of covid19’s positivity in the Jabodetabek area, students welcomed this event even though it was only conducted online. Students have their own brush and ink to write their names in Japanese using Brush and ink.

At first, students may find it difficult to get used the brushes, but after practicing for a while, students can made their best work according to what is taught by the speaker who is the chairman of the Shodou Club of Darma Persada University.

In the next event, we hope that this event can be held offline and students can enjoy the Japanese atmosphere more.

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