Amore’s Social Service

On the 21st of January, representations of student council from junior high school and senior high school have a social event where we give donations to the children at Bhakti Luhur Alma orphanage in Cilandak, South Jakarta. We start by gathering the donation from teachers, students, foundation, and other donors. Some of the donations are used to buy groceries, for example rice, cooking oil, milk and many more. We gather first at school then we went to the orphanage together with some of the teachers and also the foundation. As we arrive at the orphanage, we are welcomed by the nun there and then we help drop off the groceries, then we continue going inside and meeting some new friends.

We had a lot of fun there, we sang together, dance together. We made new friends there and we learn a lot of things there. A lot of our friends there have disabilities so we learn a lot from them and also from the nun there. We learn a lot about how we need to be more grateful for what we have especially our health, physically and mentally. We want to remind us all to keep doing good things to not only people who really need help but to everyone. We want to thank those who participate in this event especially who donated some of their blessing to our friends at Bhakti Luhur Alma orphanage. In conclusion, It was a very fun and valuable experience.

By Reynard, GXI – Science

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