Science Week

With the jam-packed schedules of today’s families, why would either a student or a teacher to add one more major activity? Clearly, any school project assigned to a student should meet a stringent test for usefulness. Surprising to some, a science week project is one of the best learning experiences a student can undertake. And, if it is taken seriously, it could be an excellent way to earn significant prizes, qualify for scholarships, and distinguish a college application.

The science week event was run 3 days straight to showcase students’ scientific skill and thoughts.
This event was wrapped in 3 activities that consist of science competition, product showcase and table games. In science competition, students were implicitly trained to solve applicable issue that might appear in daily activities.

Students who have made their projects presented their creation in live streaming to persuade those who want to take contribution on inventing a breakthrough that may help our earth recovered.

Scientific table games are the collaboration of Student’s Council of Amore Prime Senior – Junior High School and science division team’s program. Amorians and visitors of Amore Prime School were having fun trying the table games that allow them studying scientific phenomena while playing.

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