Mandarin: A New Trend Of Language

In this era, our school really concern about Mandarin learning to make sure our students are ready to do the best in their future. Amore Prime School Mandarin Division held a webinar “Mandarin: New Trend Of Language” on 17th November 2021. Our webinar today is to discuss about the importance of learning Mandarin in Senior High School and coaching clinic in Junior High School.

这个时代我们的学校对汉语教学特别关爱,使我们的学生准备了他们最好的未来。Amore Prime School 汉语部在2021年11月17号介绍《汉语:新趋势的语言》研讨会给学生们。我们的讨论会讲讲学习汉语的重要性有哪些(高中)和给汉语拼音辅导(初中)。

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