Science Monthly Project

On August, 20 2021 junior high school students from grade 8 and 9 have performed several experiments. The experiments are ‘’Gasoline vs Styrofoam”, “Heat and Calorie Transfer” and “Hanoi Tower”.

Gasoline vs Styrofoam

The first experiment called ‘’Gasoline vs Styrofoam” is performed by soaking pieces of Styrofoam blocks in a gasoline until the bubbles and gel – like suspension appear in the gasoline. The appearance of the bubbles in gasoline happens due to the chemical reaction in Styrofoam and gasoline which are types of organic compounds.

This reaction is also called as ‘cracking’ reaction which allows the single carbon bonds in gasoline to break another double carbon bonds in Styrofoam into single bonds. The cracking reaction eventually changes the blocks of Styrofoam into gel – like suspension in the gasoline.

Hanoi Tower

In the “Heat and Calorie Transfer” experiment, they observed the effects of the existence of liquid heat medium transfer in a plastic bottle. The existence of that liquid (water) inside the plastic bottle will prevent the damage of the plastic bottle due to uneven heat motion in plastic bottles by spreading heat thoroughly around the burnt area.

Therefore, the plastic bottle with water inside stays undamaged when having direct contact with flame while the empty plastic bottle gets easily burnt after being touched by the flame.

Heat and Calorie Transfer

In our 3rd experiment called “Hanoi Tower” we applied exponential number pattern to build up Hanoi Tower miniature. The number pattern increases gradually as we solve exponential problem in whole number sequence.

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